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Making clients dreams come to fruition is our ultimate goal.  NOZZA specializes in weddings, social gatherings and corporate events.  We love what we do and love matching the enthusiasm of our clients with our own excitement and energy.

Our love of paper has led to Paper Crown Designs serving as an intimate stationery boutique.   We create custom wedding and special event invitations, tailored around your individual needs and personality.  Let your story begin with us.

Serving all of Southern California & Phoenix Metropolitan Area

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Eight months prior to NOZZA Fest actually coming to a fruition, I had a crazy idea of planning a weekend long music festival.  I figured how hard can it possibly be, after all I plan weddings all year long.  Oh my friends, it is not as simple as a wedding.  The thing with weddings is that you always know exactly how many people are showing up.  My nerves almost got the best of me that night.    Although my initial destination had to be canceled due to some unforeseen issues, I manged to secure a venue locally in Long Beach.  The newly renovated Art Theatre of Long Beach was the perfect setting for an intimate evening of music.  Myself and about 150 other local music enthusiast had the pleasure of enjoying some unique and intimate performances.

I have to thank the amazing, talented, and patient artists who performed that evening.  Tadhg Cooke started out his three month long U.S west coast to east coast tour at NOZZA Fest.  I had the pleasure of having him as a guest in my home.  The perks were endless.  Morning walks to my favorite breakfast place,  conversations about everything and anything under the moon, he managed to fix my broken laptop *kuddos*, and as if that wasn't enough he rehearsed in my studio while I worked.  Ah, I miss you Tadhg.  He safely made his way across the terrible storm the east coast had this winter and recently made his way back home in Ireland.
Jay Buchanan I don't even know where to begin to thank you.  Your music speaks to my soul.  You write the most amazing lyrics and sing with a voice that just penetrates throughout.  I'm still getting calls, random people stopping by the studio and emails asking me where will you be performing next.  You definitely left an impression on all those who came out to see the show.  I had the pleasure of listening to Jay last week as he performed at The Hotel Cafe and just like before I was left speechless with his talent.  Thank you for not only performing at NOZZA Fest but for genuinely being one of the most kind people I've ever met.

Several years ago in a small little room known to many as Room 5, I discovered what is the sexiest artist I know, Shane Alexander.  There are very few artist that I can say after each album continues to pique my interest.  Shane is one of those artists that continues to evolve and always gives 110% of himself in every performance.  Whether it is performing solo in a small room or rocking out with his band he always gives all of him on stage.  Shane is currently finishing his fourth album "Mono Solo", we're all anxiously awaiting its release.  Thank you Shane for being a part of my little crazy idea.  This has definitely motivated me to continue following my bliss, hopefully there will be many more to come.

Last but not least my lovely friends Kevin and Mick, better known as The Guggenheim Grotto, closed the show.  I will never forget the first time I ever heard "Cold Truth" off their A Lifetime in Heat [EP] (you can download for free if you click on link). It is still one of my favorite songs of all the albums they have released.  It's been an amazing friendship throughout the years.  Lots of traveling between Los Angeles and Ireland.  I'm truly one lucky girl.  The lads are currently in the east coast finishing up the first leg of their eight month long tour in the U.S.  If you haven't had a chance to see them perform they will be back on the road in a month.  Thank you for traveling all the way from Ireland and starting off your tour with NOZZA Fest.  We anxiously await your return.

Photos Henry Chen Photography
Venue Art Theatre of Long Beach
Poster Design Monica Majors of Paper Cut Industries
Special thank to Rand Foster of Fingerprints for his mad skills in promoting local music. 

Thank you to everyone that came out to support local music.  I hope to continue the effort and am currently planning the next crazy NOZZA Fest concert. 

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So this is what wedding professional do on their off season.  There are days that I like to convince myself that there is actually a "wedding season" and an "off season" but the truth of the matter is that as wedding professional we are always creating and working.  It's a love affair with all things wedding.

This past month while having a conversation with  Erica O'Brien Cake Design about our new The Wedding Clique blog (we're getting a face lift check back next month) featuring real weddings incorporating our love for .... "his, her, and forever theirs" design concepts, we decided to submit one of ours to the latest and greatest new online wedding magazine Nonpareil.

I was recently asked on an interview by the Style Network "what is your signature style?" I really never gave it that much thought before but the best way I can describe it is a bit like Thom Filicia.  I love to incorporate lifestyle, design and each individuals personality to create a cohesive wedding that represents both the bride and the groom.  This project is a perfect example on how it all comes together.

No wedding can ever be completed without the creative driving force that is every professional wedding vendor.  I want to thank Deanne of Bella Fiore, Henry of Henry Chen Photography, Erica of Erica O'Brien Cake Design, Monica of Paper Cut Industries, and Liz of The Ebell Club it takes a team to make it all happen.  I'm fortunate to work with such talented individuals.

Click here --> Nonpareil Magazine Issue #2

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